10 Food Destinations, Where You Can Avail E-Catering while Traveling Via Train to Bengal

Most of the travelers who love to travel, prefer traveling by the train as they love the rustling sound of the train, sleeping in the bunker and definitely loves to look outside the window and see the pictures changing outside the window pane quickly in a blink of the eyelids. However, a train journey couldn’t be enjoyed properly with empty stomach. Hence, RailRestro with their e-catering services is here to help you out. With RailRestro’s food ordering app it becomes easy to order your favorite food online in train and get it delivered directly to your seat.

10 Food Destinations in Bengal

Discover Bengal with its Mouth-Watering Cuisines
Bengali culture and literature is known to all. However, do you know that Bengalis are great foodies? They not only love to eat variety of food, but at the same time they are capable of making delectable food as well. So, when you’re travelling to Bengal via train, don’t forget to order the best Bengali cuisines during your journey. Every destination in Bengal has its unique culinary specialty. In order to help you out, here’re top ten food destinations for you to check out for a foodie trial to Bengal.

Famous for the Indian Institute of Technology, this city or rather the station falls under the South-Eastern railway network. If you’re travelling from Andhra Pradesh or from Odisha to Bengal, you will definitely come across this station and when you reach there don’t forget to order egg rolls. Your presence in the land of Bengal is incomplete if you haven’t tasted egg rolls. You can order online food in train at Kharagpur junction to enjoy along with scenic beauty of Bengal.

Malda Town:
Malda town is a historical place and the busiest railway station in Bengal. Malda is a place, where there is a huge influence of Islamic culture and architecture, so you could enjoy the place with Afghani cuisines such as rolls and kebabs. There’re variety of kebabs like tandoori kebab, seekh kebab served with butter naan and kulcha. Other dishes like tandoori chicken, Biryani (veg and non-veg), mutton curry etc. are also famous.

Bandel is also a historical place of Bengal famous for Bandel Cheese. These dry and the smoked cheese is a specialty of this place also known as the Asian Cheese, which was manufactured here long before, during the time of the Portuguese colonization. This unique cheese is used as an ingredient to many dishes. Get the chance to taste the delicacy of this particular product at Bandel.

It is also a planned city which ranks after Chandigarh. You will find variety of food items in this place. If your journey has Durgapur station en route then dishes like “Malai Chap Roll”, Bengali fish curry and rice, Chaat, Golgappa and Dahi Vada. Avail the COD facility and enjoy these delicacies at Durgapur junction.

It’s not only the largest city in West Bengal but at the same time it’s the most populated place in West Bengal. It is the second largest in this regard and it is also one of the most important industrial belts of the state. You will certainly get a chance to taste authentic Bengali cuisines at Asansol Junction via apps for food ordering in train and enjoy them at your seat.

Quite near to Asansol is the Chittaranjan famous for locomotive industries present there. If you are making a visit to Bengal, then it’s quite possible that you will come across this place. If you want to enjoy Bengal in its true sense, then don’t forget to order and enjoy them during your visit to Chittaranjan. Bengalis love their food with fun. If you are in Bengal, you should try some fish recipes because fish and Bengal are almost similar to each other.

Your visit to Bengal is incomplete without Dooars and Darjeeling. You must make a planning to visit to such natural abode of nature. After you reach the junction you may feel little hungry. Don’t worry, say a good-bye to your hunger and order tasty dishes in local restaurants of Siliguri. You can also enjoy the specialty of Siliguri like momos, soup, non-veg dishes, fish curries and also order them in order to enjoy your journey with pleasure.

It’s one of the busiest stations in West Bengal. Most of the people board their respective train from this station only. So, when you are in this particular station there’re many vendors which provide tasty dishes in train. Quality and fresh food would be delivered to your seat at sealdah junction, and you can have them whenever you want to while enjoying your train ride.

Mostly, this junction comes before Howrah. It’s the neighborhood junction of Howrah. Santaragachi has many spots to visit like Tibbetibaba Ashram, Santragachhi Jheel, and other wildlife locations which are loved by tourist. Some of the loved Bengali food at santraganchi are fish preparations like fish tikka, masala Fish, fish fry and mutton kebabs. You must definitely try to order food in train at Santraganchi station and relish your journey.

It’s the most important station and the largest with respect to the other railway stations of India. After you have arrived Howrah, you are welcomed with its traditional dishes like macher jhol, variety of rice, egg curry, mutton curry and chicken preparations. Bengalis love fish and love to serve this savory to their guests. Once your train halts at Howrah junction you can order food in train by RailRestro catering partners like Sigri, Nitin Foods, Kolkata fried chicken and many other restaurants.

So, if you are planning to visit Bengal and explore its culinary culture and enjoy them even in train.

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