Food Delivery in Train at Howrah Junction

Howrah, locally pronounced as “Haora” is a metropolitan city and district of Indian state Kolkata.  This wouldn’t be a hyperbole if we say; Howrah district is the heart of West Bengal. The city has evolved as a major transportation, economic and business hub for the Kolkata. There are a number of transportation services such as airways, trains, buses and highways for road travel, available for one to reach Howrah from any part of the country. “Howrah junction” is the major railway junction for entire Kolkata region as it ranks among top hundred booking railway junctions of India. One of the major facts to notice about Howrah junction is that, there are total 23 platforms functioning at this station which is counted as the largest numbers of serving platforms of the Indian Railways. The station serves seven major railway lines.

The entire West Bengal attracts tourists from entire globe to visualize the historic buildings and locations. When it comes to appreciating Indian food, especially the Bengal style, no other place can define the title “The Foodie Paradize” or “Food Junction” as perfectly as Howrah. There are plenty of attractive sights to tour in the city and many food joints serving traditional taste of West Bengal. Whether it’s the renowned Victoria memorial, the trails of rail museum, a walk by the wonderful Howrah Bridge or a divine place to offer your prayers at “Dakshineshwari Kali Temple”, you will find everything in the vast arena of Howrah.

  • Victoria Memorial: This marvelous architecture is a museum built during the time of British rule in India. Victoria memorial hall boasts the best and finest marble architecture along with western paintings, exhibition of Sawdeshi Arts, a free guided virtual tour to the entire museum (35-40 minutes), and a spectacular garden, exquisitely designed in 57 acres. Come to this well-known but a distinct location to explore the history of India.
  • Victoria Memorial

  • Dakshineshwar Kali Mandir: It is a Hindu temple which is dedicated to Goddess Kali. It is situated towards the eastern bank of the Hooghly River. Rani Rashmoni, a devotee of Goddess Kali, built this temple in 1855. The temple contains a large courtyard where twelve shrines are dedicated to lord Shiva and Kali. The divine and spiritual power at this place makes every devotee very close to their Deity.

  • Dakshineshwar Kali Mandir

  • Belur Math: It is a Hindu monastery located just beside the River Hooghly. Tourists mainly gather at the site to view the architectural style of this Hindu Monastery. If you are in search of peace and tranquility and want to feel a close proximity to the principles of Ramakrishna Pramahans, then this is the perfect place for you.

  • Belur Math

  • Santragachi Jheel: It is a safe heaven for migratory winter birds. Visitors can see various special of birds like goose, cotton pygmy goose, comb duck and whistling ducks. It spans in an area of 32 acres and nestled in the central part of Howrah city.

  • Santragachi jheel

  • The Indian Botanical Garden: Imagine a specie of a plant and you will get in the Indian Botanical Garden of Howrah. It is also known for its 250-year-old Banyan Tree which has the largest canopy in the world. The garden also has an artificial lake that nurtures several species of fish.

  • Indian Botanical Garden

  • Park Street: Your trip is incomplete without having a stroll to the “Park Street”. Anyone visiting the city can enjoy their date at Park Street savoring the cuisines of Bengal available at every corner of the Park city.

Cuisines in Howrah
The food options at Howrah will keep you amaze with several questions popping in the mind about which delicacy to taste. A plate of tasty fried fish, spiced Bengali meat meal, a delightful dessert or a plate of fresh seafood cooked in Bengali style, everything is available at Howrah. You need to open yourself to taste the authentic taste of Bengali cuisines. You can order these food in train at howrah junction during your journey.

  • Macher Jhol: Fish is an important part of Bengali dietary. The Macher Jhol is a renowned dish prepared and served in Howrah. It’s a special Bengali recipe which is well-known worldwide. This cuisine is prepared using tender fish pieces, tomato paste and mustard/mustard paste. All of these pieces are cooked in a spicy curry made with ginger, garlic, coriander and chilies.

  • Fish Curry

  • Kosha Mangsho:This cuisine is originated in the Bengal. This heavy and hearty mutton curry is prepared with a mix of spices and vegetables.

  • Kosha Mangsho

  • Alur Torkari: The Boiled potatoes are cooked in thick gravy of onion and tomato. The taste of this dish is simply awesome. They are served with “Luchis” or “Puri”.

  • Aaloo Curry

  • Sukto: This vegetable is called as “Mix-vegetable” of Kolkata. The vegetable tastes sweet and bitter. The cuisine is made with mixture of different kind of vegetable such as potato, bitter guard, bottle guard and pumpkin.

  • Sukto

  • Sondesh: The Bengali cuisine is really incomplete without this sweet dessert. The delicious cuisine is made up with full cream milk and dry fruits. It is available in different flavors like Mango Sondesh, chocolate sondesh, Ice-cream sondesh etc. Bengalis love their sweet to be too sweet.

  • Sondesh

  • Rasogulla: A special sweet dish for which the entire Bengal wing of India is famous for. You can get fresh rasogulla anytime and anywhere all over the streets of Howrah.


Howrah is a major tourist spot where tourists from all over the country throng to spend their holidays or a short weekend trip. Book your tickets in advance to avoid the rush and non-availability of tickets. Kolkata has been the capital city of India before Delhi, during the time of British era. You can also explore the state and there are some places near Howrah that will leave you amazed. You can hire a private cab for a day and can explore the Sundarban Regions to see the Royal tigers having leisure moments in the jungle safari. You can also head to Odisha as this state is nearby from the west Bengal.

Food in Train at Howrah Junction
Howrah junction is one of the vast railway junctions of India. It is one of the crowded junctions of Indian Railways which manages more than 600 trains daily. The railway junction counts more than 2 million passengers everyday at its premises. So, if your train is passing through junction you want to feast your hungry tummy, choose RailRestro as your food partner during your train journey. Download the RailRestro mobile application and order food in train at a discount of 5% or you can simply visit the official catering website of RailRestro to order your food.

To order your food on train journey you need to enter your PNR number and the suggested restaurants will appear on your mobile screen. Choose your favorite cuisines or food items in your cart and order it by choosing the mode of payment. You can choose to pay online or offline modes for payment of your food ordered. The food is being delivered at your berth in the train.

RailRestro Welcome you to Howrah with delicious food in train journey.

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